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Symmetry Homelifts 

Symmetry Homelifts are sold through a dealer network throughout the USA. Symmetry distributes Elevators, VPL's and Lu/La elevators (light commercial). These are manufactured by Bella Elevator. The Homelift is very similar to the Staying Home Elevator with the same looks and specifications. These Home lifts (Symmetry Shaftless Elevator is they call it) are battery-powered which sets them apart from most other Homelift offerings on the market. 

Symmetry Homelifts have a 400lbs weight capacity and can travel up to 14' between landings. Travel speed is 14' per minute. It uses a winding drum and only 120V is needed to charge the batteries that it runs on.

Other Homelifts uses battery power to descend in case of an emergency, whereas the Symmetry Homelift  is uses battery power only and can be used in case of a power outage as well

Symmetry Home Lift.jpg
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