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Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts are also called porch lifts or wheelchair lifts and many of these are installed on the outside of homes or in garages. They are built to withstand the elements and most can go up to 14' height or higher with a permit/variance. When installed close to the shore some have packages to protect against the salty conditions to prevent rust. Special care and maintenance is probably needed in those conditions. 

VPL's usually have higher weight capacities, about 750lbs is common to accommodate the weight of a wheelchair or powerchair. 

Vertical Platform Lifts are also used in commercial applications

Inclined platform lift.jpg
Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts can carry wheelchairs up a staircase. These usually fold up and out of the way for others to use the staircase when this is not in use. Downside is that they do take up considerable space on the staircase and the width of the staircase is also very important.
Most of the Inclined Platform Lifts are found in commercial settings but if you have enough space and staircase that can accomodate this inside the home it could be a very good and cost effective solution.

Inclined platform Lifts can also be made for custom / curved staircases

Below you will find the Vertical Platform Lift manufacturers that sell here in the USA and Canada
Our dealer map can find the VPL dealer(s) closest to your location

Listed alphabetical order

Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension wheelchair lifts go up to 14' and can be had with full enclosure. Also has a lift with 900lbs capacity

Ascension Clarity wheelchair lift.jpg

Bruno Vertical
Platform Lift

Bruno Lifts have a weight capacity of up to 750lbs. They can travel up to 14' and available in DC or AC power

Bruno vertical platform lift1.jpg

Butler Inclined
Wheelchair Lifts

Butler inclined lift is a uniques concept for a platform lift on your staircase. It features a 750lbs capacity

Butler inclined lift.jpg

EZ Access Vertical Platform Lifts

EZ Access Passport Platform Lift is made of all aluminum and is less weight the steel lifts. Features 750lbs capacity

EZ Access passport vertical platform lif

Mac's Vertical Home Lift 

Mac's lift gate has vertical platform lifts up to 14' in height and 750lbs capicity. Their porch lift is simple design

Mac wheelchair lift.jpg

Garaventa Inclined & Vertical Lifts

Garaventa is a manufacturer that makes mostly commerical platform lifts. They do have residential lifts as well

Garaventa Inclined Platform Lifts.jpg

RAM Manufacturing Vertical Lifts

Ram Manufacturing fabricates the Trust-T-Lift a very simple and lightweight wheelchair lift with up to 750lbs cap.

Trus-T-Lift vertical platform lift.jpg

Harmar Vertical & Inclined Lifts

Harmar manufactures both Vertical and Inclined Platform Lifts with capacities up to 750lbs

Harmar vertical platform lift.jpg

Savaria Vertical Platform Lifts

Savaria Vertical Platform Lifts are available up to 14' in height or taller with variance and up to 750lbs capacity

Savaria Vertical Platform Lift.jpg
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