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Access BDD Stairlifts

Access BDD is a new name here in the USA and is the new name for Thyssen Krupp Home Solutions. They are based in the United Kingdom where they also manufacture their stairlifts, vertical platform lifts and residential elevators. Also known as TK Access .
Access BDD continues with the current line up and recently introduces the Flow X curved stairlifts and straight stairlift into the market. It is the successor of the Flow 2 Stairlift which is being sold in Europe and other countries.

Flow X Curved Stairlift sets itself apart by featuring what they call ASL technology. (automatic self levelling)
By rotating during travel, you’re always in the safest and most comfortable position.
Using a stairlift has never been easier, the Flow X seat and footrest are linked for easy use. As you are folding up the seat, the footrest will automatically fold up too. The footrest has been designed to pre-adjust in 5 positions and has an anti-slip surface.

The Homeglide Straight Stairlift has been around for some time. The HomeGlide stairlift delivers a solution for all straight staircases, whilst offering a clean, elegant look in your home. The HomeGlide stairlift is fitted onto your staircase which allows the lift to be installed quickly and easily.

Flow X Curved Stairlifts have a weight capacity of 275lbs.

It can be fitted on a staircase as narrow as 24". 

Access BDD is building a network of dealers throughout the USA and has dealers in Canada available who are trained in the installation and service.

Fow X Stairlift.jpg

Homeglide Straight Stairlifts have a weight capacity of 275lbs and optional 146kg - 320lbs weight capacity.

Homeglide stairlift is available with a powered hinge at the bottom as well in case there is a doorway or hallway and standard rail might be in the way or creates a trip hazard.

Homeglide Stairlift.jpg
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