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Mac's Vertical Lifts 

Mac's Lift Gate company is manufactured in Long Beach, CA. They started making lift gate's for trucks and hence the name. They had one of their vertical lifts cycling on the roof of their business to prove the durability. They have a range of lifts that are simple, stage lifts and lifts up to 14' in height

Mac's Vertical Lifts PL50 / PL72 / PL90 are their standard lifts that they have been producing for years. Very simple in design and durable according to the manufacturer

Mac wheelchair lift.jpg

Mac's PSL 50 is a portable stage lift with 750lbs capacity. It can be moved or relocated and is virtually maintenance free. Maximum lift height is 50"

Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift has a very sleek look and is perfect for stages. Can travel 12" to 60" and also available is an outdoor package. Bottom has a rigid safety skirt

Macs stage lift.jpg

Mac's extended height vertical lift can go up to 14' and carry 750lbs. features a 2 year warranty as well and is finished in an automotive grade powder coat

Macs extended height vertical lift.jpg
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