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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator / PVE

PVE Elevators (Pneumatic vacuum elevator) is Headquartered in Medley FL, right outside Miami, FL. This is a unique freestanding and enclosed elevator or homelift that works on air. They range in size from a single passenger to three passengers and wheelchair accessible cab options. They use a Nationwide distributor network for their sales and installations.

PVE 30 Elevator has a 350lbs capacity and is designed for a single passenger. Diameter is 30". These are designed to go through the floor or come up to a balcony.

PVE 30 Home Lift.jpg

PVE 52 Home Elevator has a 52" diameter and can travel up to 50 ft total rise. Capacity is 525lbs. and can accommodate a wheelchair

PVE 37 Elevator has a 37" diameter and can travel up to 50 ft total rise. Capcity is 450lbs.

PVE 37 home lift.jpg
PVE 52 Home Elevator.jpg
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