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Savaria Homelifts 

Savaria Home Elevators are manufactured in Brampton, Ontario Canada. Headquarters are in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Savaria makes a large variety of mobility products with a large range of Vertical Platform Lifts, Elevators / Homelifts and Inclined Platform Lifts. They have two very different Home Elevators that do not need a shaft, called shaftless elevators as well

Savaria Telecab through the floor lift has a 500lbs capacity and is a quiet hydraulic drive system and up to 23' of travel. Available in 4 different cab sizes

Savaria Telecab.jpg

Savaria Telecab17 has a much higher weight capacity of 845lbs. Available in two cab sizes and up to23' of travel. Acrylic windows set it apart from the standard Telecab

Savaria Telecab17 Home lift.png

Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator is a very luxurious high-end lift which comes in a round or octagonal shape and different types of glass or acrylic surround. Up to 950bs capacity with glass

Savaria vuelift.png

Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator has an integrated hoistway and can be had in many different sizes and color choices. Up to 840bs capacity with acrylic

Savaria Vuelift home elevator round.jpg
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