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UP Stairlift USA 

UP Stairlift USA is distributed by Railius Inc. who has a rich history and background and is the sole distributor for the UP Stairlift throughout the USA. They have a dealer network that is trained on the installation of this innovative stairlift which is ahead of its time with a worldwide patented design and is the most exciting new stairlift to come on the market in the last 20 years.

UP Stairlifts have a patented modular design that allows the rail to be reused or recycled when needed over and over. UP Stairlift is a breakthrough in the industry that has had no real changes in the way custom rail has been fabricated in about 20 years. With their patented design the rail can be fitted on the spot with or without drawings and installed very rapidly, avoiding the need to wait for fabrication which sometimes can take many weeks.

Can also be used short-term and most UP Stairlift dealers offer these as a rental as well.

Apart from the very good-looking design and diamond pattern seat, the UP Stairlift also uses modern technology such as Bluetooth and wifi connection which allows the manufacturer to monitor the UP Stairlift remotely if needed.

Standard features also include power swivel and powered footrest and an intercom.

UP Stairlift uses green technology, recyclable aluminum rail that is fabricated in a hydrogen-powered plant, this is the greenest and most environmentally friendly Stairlift on the market today!

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UP Downstairs1.jpeg

UP Stairlifts have a weight capacity of 275lbs.

Low profile rail and can be fitted on custom curved staircases.

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