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Wessex Home Lifts 

Wessex Home Lifts are manufactured in Romsey, U.K. They have a range of home lifts with the VM, VE, and Elesse. The VM is partially enclosed and the others fully enclosed. They do not need a shaft and can be free-standing. They come in different cab sizes. They use a dealer network in the USA and Canada

Wessex VM Home Lift is partially enclosed and wheelchair accessible depending on the cab size. Maximum travel is 137" and weight capacity 550lbs. Different cab sizes are available

Wessex vm home lift.jpg

Wessex Elesse Home Lift is a more luxurious version and features premium materials. You can choose your interior and flooring covering and colors and cab sizes as well. 550lbs cap.

Wessex Elesse through the floor lift.jpg

Wessex VE Home Lift is an enclosed version with many of the same specifications. Available in different cab sizes and great for standing passengers

Wessex VE through the floor lift.jpg
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